BYOD would be even cheaper for the company.

Pick up your bow and arrow and go on a hunt. Oh…we don’t do that anymore do we?

What’s the actual temperature inside your room? Do you have a thermometer? I know the air conditioning doesn’t help with walking outside but I’m curious about how tolerable it is indoors.

$350? That must be a joke, surely?

It sounds a bit idiosyncratic.

What about it is repelling you?

If you hollow out the volcano and live in there they might not notice.

Mmm, a new chair, a drive out of town with nice views, a soundbar, a chilled bottle of cranberry and lime juice, camera gear. Anyway, I’m not so sure it’s the things so much as the knowledge that you can have them when you want them…which is a form of autonomy.

If you can’t have nice things in one area of your life, you can compensate by having nice things in another area of your life.

Baby as accelerometer.