@matigo Err…I'll test it next time I'm on the iPad.

@matigo Tapping on the reply button on iPad doesn't automatically activate the insertion cursor in the write box. It does on Android.

@height8 I wonder when log in became login.

Which is correct? Log into; log-in to; log in to; login to?

@bazbt3 As long as he can't log into your router and accesses your wi-fi on his own device shouldn't you be safe from him?

@height8 I didn't think stop was a traditional French word. Perhaps it is.

Why are there 'stop' signs on French roads…rather than arrêt? I've seen them in films.

@matigo I thought Japanese people were well trained and polite.

@streakmachine The problems of sitting all the time are well documented but being on yer feet all day can lead to varicose veins etc.