It’s amazing how legislation can manipulate humans into weird behaviour…like knocking down perfectly good houses all the time.

That’s certainly a good casebook example.

When I reply to a thread with several other contributors, Macchiato seems to only cite the person I’m replying to. I have to manually add other usernames.

There should be a word for that particular type of entropy whereby a tech company starts off good, then gradually becomes more and more arrogant and detached as it grows and ages.

An animal behaviourist could fix that. I suppose it’s worse for Nozomi than other dogs though, because she’s so low down.

What would happen if you walked her across wet grass? Would she throw a wobbly?

Oooh, that’s fab 👍🏻. You’re going to have to tell me the name of that hotel for future reference…just in case I visit the area.

Is this about the Mastodon/Gab thing or has something else happened?

Yes…and cartridges showing empty when they aren’t really…and chips added to them to try and stop you using third-party ink…and making you replace several colours just because one colour in the cartridge is low.

With laser, I’ve only used black and white so I don’t know how the colours work on them…