Yes. You’re normal.

Yeah, the vascular diseases are scary.


Really YouTube? Bringing up another advert when the video is three seconds from the end?

Type three diabetes, diabetes of the brain, insulin resistance in the brain. Mmm, just go easy on the sugars/carbohydrates, especially processed carbs with emulsifiers. But why would you not plan to outdo your forebears? Where’s your ambition? Do you think it’s genetically predetermined? Could it have been their lifestyle rather than their genes that addled them? I think we’ve had this conversation before—maybe I’m dementiafied. I want to live with my wits longer than my parents and grandparents…but if it goes horribly wrong I could always throw myself off a bridge (if I can get up there with my zimmer frame).


What’s so bad about reaching eighty-five?


You have the makings of a horror film there. Your house is sentient and wants to kill you.

In Scotland, jobby means poo.

I’ve never used the old one. You’d think the protrusions would be a giveaway.

I doubt a photo sharing service/app would pay the bills. You’d be joining an old, established, highly competitive, long tail star system with thin margins…at the very end.

I loved lightning after the thirty pin jobby.