Sick and wrong boy, sick and wrong.


A pool in your back garden would be handy.

He deserves an indulgent day, what with his cough. I hope the family make some nice memories. 🥳

Not in my family. We got a card and a present and went off and played with said present. That was it.

Sounds like a second Christmas.

Once you’re in a new job and have an income and if you’ve got a bit of cash left over…maybe then you can get one. Mind you, you have a whole house to yourself don’t you? You’d probably have enough room indoors if it wasn’t for your massive camera museum. :-)


My sister sent me a pic of her new Sun House. So now I’m jealous. Will wait until she’s kitted it out (for craft-like hobbies), then go up to the old town and have a look. It might inspire me.

Are you implying that modern colleges are teaching people what to think rather than how to think? So, once Plato's garden, now madrasa?