Good to know.


I went through a Baileys drinking phase once, then I had a sudden realisation that it was an over-the-top, cloying, calorie-rich, sugar and dairy addicting gloop…

But kept drinking it anyway.

No, just kidding, I stopped drinking it.

Ah, right. Not a resources clog up then. Just some bugginess somewhere. You're up poo stream without an oar.


You could try the Steve Jobs approach to clothes. Once you find a garment you like that fits perfectly, buy a lifetime's supply there and then. Oh wait, that would be very expensive wouldn't it?


? Gonna be some sweet sounds, coming down, on the nightshift ?

You need to put a sign on your front door 'Visitors: two hours maximum'.

The Galaxy is still faster than most other phones.


Galaxy S7 Edge vs. iPhone 6S Plus speed test:

I've never understood the attraction some western people have for living in Japan. Tiny houses. Cities like pilchard tins. Extreme seasons. I suppose the tidiness and order must be quite nice.

I've heard it's an old folk remedy for itching. Give it a go.