Admirable (I think ?), and impressive.

Undercover T.V. documentary with hidden camera footage. Mostly stuff you'll be familiar with no doubt…like the executions and religious police. But one thing that was new to me: they had a charity operation working out of the Saudi consulate in Bosnia (receiving $300m) that was directly connected with some Al Qaeda people and shenanigans. And the new king—then a prince—visited several times. They showed a video of an former worker at the 'charity' admitting that it was all about expansion of influence and power.

The hidden cam footage of the backstreets was interesting. There are places bordering on slum-like. Apparently a lot of women are now homeless and living on the streets. Seemingly because they've been widowed and can't support themselves.

I hope Saudi clerics get their comeuppance one day. And the house of Al Saud too. Total scumbags.

Sometimes I think the best mac for me would be a fairly old Mac Pro. You probably good a good oomph per £ ratio and you get the maximum flexibility compared with other macs. But I doubt they possess the quietness I like. I also like smallness (the small, new Mac Pros are too expensive).

Hi there Swiss Toni. Can't you just plug the wires in anywhere, then gather them into a bundle and put a cable tidy around the bundle so it just looks like one thick cable through the glass.

There have been people who've been hit by lightning multiple times. You're like that but with Apple stuff. :-)

Haha, uh.

Can I use the WYSIWYG web editor from the Netscape suite from 1999 and insert old, long deprecated html?

I see. My mum has one of those. I bought it for her as an intro to silly little mobile games and internet because she could never get into the laptop. She had some fun with it until I got her an iPhone 4s (she also got herself an Android tablet). Now it's unused. I thought about getting one of those TomTom iPod Touch adapters off eBay that give it a GPS chip for use as an in-car sat-nav but decided it was not gonna work well.


Is there a mobile carrier called Fido?