Every time I encounter food that puzzles me I come over all Janice and Ray:


I had breakfast at a greasy spoon caf today. They didn't put even the slightest sliver of butter on my toast (scrambled egg on toast). And the tea was frothy. I ask you, frothy tea? The dirty dirty bastards!

Let me think. When I'd look at people's post counts on ADN, it was to make sure A) they weren't absent, and B) they were not posting insane amounts that I wouldn't be able to keep up with. So for me the utility is in helping me decide whether to follow someone or not. I'm not much bothered about checking my own post count.

I remember talking to a guy once who had a photoblogging/journalling type site and for each new entry there was a text box with rich text icons along the top. He said it was a drop in module. Until then I'd assumed it was done manually; I hadn't realised the extent to which websites could be modularised (he also used the Bootstrap framework). Modularity is such a powerful economic force but I suspect not right for you by the sounds of things.

Can't you just drop in a third party (open source) text entry library/module instead of doing it all yourself. I suppose you lose a lot of control if you don't do it yourself though.

I rather think it's the site owner who deserves the tip o' the hat for getting to 10k posts.

BenQ? I never hear of them now.




Yeah but if a non-US company wants to sell stuff in the U.S. it has to follow the line.


I'm not sure cryptography is the main issue. If Apple can stop Washington and Beijing getting it's source code then it can probably stop them getting it's back-doored source code. The precedence and slippery-slopiness is the crux of the matter.