Yes, but that will just mean lots of old people signing on for years because employers won't be interested.

Yeah, worked out who is following me but it's telling me I'm following 7 when I only followed 6, so there's an extra mystery individual out there.

Bournemouth probably has a lot of cultured retired people who have decamped from London to see out their days by the sea going to concerts and regattas.

Bournemouth has a symphony orchestra? I thought only big cities had 'em.

Yep, worked it out by going down and tapping on names. Not you bedtime yet then?

Is there somewhere I can see my followers and followees because I'm being followed by 4 people but am only aware of you and so far.

How do? Don't mind me if I look confused and lost…because I am.

Thanks. I tried tapping on avatars instead…They're more nipple-like if you know what I mean.

What the heck do I do here? Can I follow people?