'Here’s How Apple Should Have Combined the iPad and Mac Mini'


I thought the ZX80 and Spectrum were the same thing. Was there much difference between them? What on Earth was Leather Goddesses of Phobos?


Nice story. I like the image of someone holed-up* in their bedroom cloning their own version of the OS of the day.

*Is holed-up the right word?

Oh I see it does have pages.

Sounds like it needs some pagination.

At https://admin.10centuries.org/files/ when you click on the blue eye icon, sometimes an image opens in the browser and sometimes it starts downloading (there's no 'open link in new tab' option in Safari's context menu here either), in which case I'm not able to get the URL so can't add _original to it.

I’ve never been able to access the original. I’ve tried.

Amazon Photos sounds interesting. From what people are saying, photos are stored in their original uncompressed state.

I’m not looking forward to all the trees being bare skeletons.

The Be founder Gassée said that he wanted the BeBoxes to be Amiga done right—low latency media workstation with specialised chips but with Mac-like usability. To be fair, even when it was just an OS on other company's hardware it was great at squeezing that maximum performance out of a machine. Shown a demo, Intel's boss said 'I didn’t know our chips could do that.'