Postal deliveries are sloth-like these days. I’m sick of waiting for my stuff. Shiny things delayed is shiny things denied.

Lovely. Now challenge him to whistle.

Seagull vs human, no contest really. But when the average person is confronted by a seagull, they act like they’re facing a dangerous carnivore. We’re too nice to the Sky Rats. We should give them a whack when they get cocky.

Given that Leopard runs on P.P.C. and Snow Leopard is basically a speed and efficiency update to Leopard, I can see why you’d want it.

Looks more professional.

Do you volunteer there?

This is excellent news.


I thought the battery would be crap after all these years. I quite fancy a blue (2015) seventh generation one myself. They have Bluetooth 4, so should work with the original AirPods (with basic functionality). Could use Waltr with it. No card slot is slightly annoying but not the end of the World.

In the U.S.A. they have one or two shops for expats that sell all the cherished food products from home. I wonder if Japan has one of those. Not so many Limeys over there though.