That’s not a kitchen, that’s a principality.


After Eights are tasty. You need a British products shop.

You need to laugh at the World. If you don’t do that it can be hard to cope.

Anything will blur after the sixteenth hour.


Mammoth task, but I assume stocktaking is quite straightforward and not too taxing on the brain?


Definitely the latter. I don’t really like fighting scenes…with a few exceptions…like 'Hellboy II'.

He’s well beyond painting with potatoes then…

I’m hearing people talk about 'The Matrix'. I think it’s time I finally watched it. I think I just thought it was a typical Hollywood gimmick film…and I find Keanu Reeves boring. We'll see. I’ll watch 'Contagion' as well.

I’ve heard some people say that it’s better for kids if they don’t go to school until seven, that they can’t even hold pens properly until seven. And I think there are some European countries like Hungary that proceed in that way.

Later than here but probably makes sense.