In make believe child world yes.

He just needs a Kuwahara and a space suit and a massive oxygen supply.

Pragmatism was abolished many years ago.

Another life ruined because they quarantined the healthy rather than the ill.

We badly need ARM computers. Whether they’ll be powerful enough for top end pro I don’t know.

My Dad's just been told that they won’t cut out the small cancerous (not serious) growth on his temple. They say 'like everyone else, he’ll have to wait until things settle down'. Your nephew sounds like an urgent case but we’re living in Clown World now…

Yeah, it’s a bit of a kick in the teeth.

One of my aunts was due to have an operation for bowel cancer before the home imprisonment policy of recent months. It was put off…and now they’re saying it’s become inoperable and they can’t do anything but give her palliative care. I’m not sure if that comes under the hippocratic oath because technically they can say they did nothing, thus, did no harm…

You have a random t-shirt generator machine.

I don’t go as far back as you though.