Getting your initiations in early.

'I don’t need one but I want one, and that is why I don’t like it.'

Thanks. I read a similar discussion on the uBlock Origin site and decided to install 1Blocker.

Does Dissenter pummel the C.P.U. like Brave does? (Well it used to pummel it…maybe that got fixed).

uBlock Origin won’t work in Catalina. Bugger. This means I am currently unprotected 😧. Can anyone recommend an advert blocker for MacOS?

Very clever. Is this the first stage of your plan to take over the World?

Most things seem to dodge the radar so it’s not costing me too much yet.

They had to hold it on a shelf until I collected it.

So I ordered a mini tripod from South Korea for £17.80 and customs nabbed it and made me pay £11.30 in customs charges which included a Royal Mail handling fee of £8. Seems like a racket if you ask me.