Sounds like a great idea. Community efforts or combined efforts are good for the soul. By the way, I think your method of explaining what you’re doing verbosely is great too. Everyone should do it that way. It shows consideration. Even if consideration isn’t the motivation for doing it, it can make life a bit easier for other people.

The camera is just another string to my bow. Smaller, lighter and simpler than my Panny but takes the same lenses. I didn’t buy a portrait lens for taking portraits specifically. I just like that focal length (90mm equiv.) for general photography. The iPod is an experiment. Rather than use the laptop as a Swiss Army Knife for everything, I want to farm some things out to dedicated 'tools'.

Do you have anything you’re enthused about at the moment or are you anhedonic?

My secondhand eBay goodies arrived sooner than expected. 12MP Olympus PEN Mini camera, good prime portrait lens and iPod Nano. I was shocked when I pulled out the iPod. I didn’t realise they were that tiny. They look bigger in photos.bede6787-b653-4bb4-bf28-995f5a124700

That’s a really nice way to move files between folders in MacOS: dragging selected files onto the tab of another open folder (assuming you’ve enabled Finder tabs). I shall try to use it more often.

The three core pillars of human happiness are…

Competency (feeling that you’re good at things) and…
Relatedness (feeling connected to people).

Lack of hope?

Postal deliveries are sloth-like these days. I’m sick of waiting for my stuff. Shiny things delayed is shiny things denied.

Lovely. Now challenge him to whistle.