I really like those Samsung SSDs with fingerprint readers for decrypting. Fast and streamlined. I’m not certain that using your fingerprint would be any quicker than typing in a password if you timed it. But it feels streamlined, and sometimes, how something feels is as important as how it measurably turns out.

Fabio? Wasn’t that someone famous about twenty years ago?



I want sexier updates.


Time for a nice cup of cocoa?


No, the items in question are all in stock at the nearest branch. They’re just slow.


So Ikea wants two weeks to deliver stuff. Poor (compared with all my quick eBay purchases).

No hobbies?


Need to get one of those things that holds your laptop vertically when not in use, to free up surface area.

I hope your head has a good heatsink.


You should go away somewhere for a holiday to recharge your batteries.