I hope things get better.


Christ, these petrol bikes for little kids are loud when whizzing around housing estates.

A damning indictment!


I would read it as any time in the next five days once he’s finished his morning round.


If you added a private chat bot, you could get some response to your rants :-)


It’s so nice to finally have a password manager. It’s cleared out some of the muddiness from my brain.

My Global and Mentions go back to the 15th of May too. Do they normally go back more than a week?

I think old Stars and Pins got lost between v4 and v5…I’ve only got new ones from last October (when you got pinning working again in Macchiato I think).



My Macchiato mentions are as they should be.


Card with a rectangular hole in that you hold in front of you to help visualise the best composition.


I know a financial website (holds people’s money) that enforces a short login password and disallows symbols in it. I wonder if there’s a regulator I can report them to. Though I wouldn’t expect a financial regulator to give a monkey's…

I wonder if some outfits do this because they’re trying to reduce the number of people who go 'Waah! Waah! I can’t remember the fancy password I devised!' You’d think the forgot password links would take care of that though, so it’s probably something else. Maybe their I.T. managers are old boys who learned their trade in the seventies.