Are letters meant to be showing up in these things? All I see is coloured blocks.

Americans pronounce the middle t like a d don't they?

I like to see food cooking. I think it makes a kitchen seem a bit more homely if you can see it sizzling away rather than deep in an oven.

Not the worst week I've ever had. Haha.

Which reminds me….someone stole my bike saddle and I'm deeply hurt.

I wonder if anyone is actually called Emma Royd.

In the brief period about a decade and a half ago when Pandora was available in Britain, I really liked how it would tee-up songs based on deep analysis of the sound rather than 'other people are listening to'. I wonder if any other service does this.

TV quiz question: In 563 A.D., from which country did Columba bring Christianity to Scotland?

Contestant's answer: U.S.A.


In one of these screenshots we have a blurry Jason and a sharp Jason.



My guess is Apple wants to control how it looks so the look is always professional with high production values rather than amateur.