The Sausage Police have always been hard taskmasters.

Apps are less bitchy than websites…at least on phones. Apps do as they are told. Websites act like the user has to do as he's told.

I hate those suspiciously-textured square sausages that go dry and hard on the corners. Why do they exist? My aunty Fiona used to give me them with breakfasts when I was a nipper. Thankfully, her Scottish fry-ups also included White Pudding and Scottish plain bread.

No but the stuff inside sometimes doesn’t look like meat.


Some modern sausages are a bit too much like that, sadly.

Hahaha. That’s just how some people like it.

Speaking of explosions, I wonder when the stock market bubble is finally going to blow.

I wonder why sausages are called bangers. Is it because they might explode if you don’t prick their skin?

Do you have a link?

Perhaps you’re looking at weird sources.