Bait and switch. It might be illegal. You never know. Laws around contracts are strange. We often don’t know what we’re signing up for though.

Well done. Wonders will never cease.

Did anything good come of the meeting?

Tough news. Were you fond of her?

They can’t force you to input your router details.

I don’t know about yours but my cameras' sensors are always fully exposed during lens changing.

Moo moo.

Nah. More like a man's shirt…

I really like those dresses some girls wear that look like long shirts.

My new to me camera has an annoying, loud, clunky shutter, so I went to turn on the electronic shutter…but it doesn’t have one. Why do some cameras have a nice, relatively quiet shutter sound (like my GX9), and others sound like prison doors being shut? And why don’t they all have the silent, electronic shutter option? Maybe it’s a relatively recent thing in the Interchangeable Lens Camera world.