What’s the etiquette around sharing images? How many megabytes is too much for an in-line image? What about if it’s a link (not in-line)? The JPGs our cameras spit out are already compressed and processed from the RAWs, so I feel reluctant to give them any further treatment. What I’d like is for the destination site to automatically generate and present a small version and provide a link to the big version (don’t want to do it manually). And when I say big version I mean the file I uploaded, not the site's opinion of what a big version ought to be. Of course I expect to pay a commensurate amount for that.

Good luck with what you’re dealing with. We’ll be here when you feel like returning.


Non-verbal communication is very real. It’s a Wild Talent.


Interesting. I don’t personally recognise that scenario…but perhaps if you’re long used to some entity's quiet devotion it can be hard to just enjoy your own company.


Managed to muck up my sleeping pattern, so it looks like this’ll be an all nighter.