Can’t you just fill the drives to the gunwales with innocuous data then delete? Doesn’t that overwrite everything? I suppose it’s still a faff because you have to make sure you fill every tiny gap, every byte. Perhaps fill to 99%, then erase free space…


The release notes for an app update today just says 'Buffix release.' I hope they concentrate more when coding.

At least I didn’t scream 'it’s so unfair…I hate you'.


If I’d checked my second screen before moaning I’d have seen the badge icon.


You’re right. The Fastmail app didn’t notify me of the TestFlight notification for some reason. It usually does.

Macchiato beta expired

That’s why I said invent.

I completely agree. They’ve even stopped bearing skin to keep cool in the tropics. Balinese girls don’t wander around the rice paddies with their tits out anymore and Nilotic men don’t dance with their willies out anymore. They must be boiling hot.

No idea. It’s beyond my ken.

It’s useful to have airflow over the clothes though.