It’s so annoying that VLC has a next frame hotkey but no previous frame hotkey. There is a clunky workaround where you install an extension called Jump to Time Previous Frame. But you have to access it from the menus every time and click buttons on a dialogue. (Can I type it that way, instead of dialog?)

His strategy is very little social media.


A Florida McDonalds is paying people $50 just to show up for a job interview and it’s still struggling to find applicants. Haha, interesting…

Yes, a lot of people complain about too much connectivity but few people actually do anything about it. They just can’t give it up…although phoneboy seems to have cut a lot of cords…


Those Freewrite digital typewriters remind me of the Peek email only devices that were sold about a decade ago. Similar in that they are both dedicated to doing just one thing.

Volume down?

I hope not.

It’s amusing the way little kids speak.
‘We hided and they finded us.’

I hope you found somewhere non-ugly to have your picnic.


What does the steel feel like in the hand? My 12 mini is aluminium and glass and it’s very slippery.