One area where I think Light is superior to Dark or Solarized is the colours/shading of the categories on the left.

After using the Solarized theme a while the Light theme looks a bit cheap. I can't go back.

What puts me off signing up with Zoho is I either have to have it on a server in U.S.A. or my email addy would end in .eu which I find unattractive (I'm not Euish). Mind you, I think most of my email is already U.S.A. server-based. Plus, it's not like email is a private communication anyway….and I reckon the N.S.A. is tapped into all things.

Tutanota looks interesting. Need to find out what people are saying about it.

Simple is good. The World is full of complex.


You seem to be trying to stay positive.

You're good at making attractive websites.


I was just thinking about you last night, wondering if you were OK. Do you have any old friends nearby you can spend some time with?

Bum! Playing around might have been fun.

And when will running Linux on a M1 Mac be as normal as running it on an Intel Mac?

So when will microchips get down to 0mn? And what happens then?