Since you started the job has the insanity been more or less on the same level or has it been curving up over time?

I used it many years ago. Quite good.


I wanted to airdrop an iOS note to a folder on my Mac like I would a photo but it forces the Mac's Notes app to execute. It's not agnostic, it's bossy.


Yeah I noticed that. The Cloud is becoming a right jealous bitch.

I'll appreciate panoramas more if I get a bigger screen in the future. Twelve inches isn't enough.

Good luck. Hope you get a fair wind with setting up your new space and everything else.


You'll be able to do 4K videos at 60FPS in the rain. I wish my camera could do that.

Well it means you're not average and you don't want to be average.

Oh I get it now. That's on TV, except they call it Lingo.