Who goes out in a dressing gown with a handbag…in the rain? Alky Sandra from up the street. She goes to the flat of this bloke who brews his own drink, takes bottles home and gets pissed. I’ve never seen her wearing clothes.

translations for Americans: dressing gown=robe; pissed=drunk.

Someone should invent a greenhouse for drying clothes, so you don’t have to rush out when it starts raining.

Honey-warm sunshine now. Strange.

Are you starting to wilt?


Hailstones pelting down with the driving wind.

Despite being strikingly beautiful sometimes, Acer leaves spend a very large part of the year looking dead and mucky.

Battery entropy.


Not a sentence I ever thought I’d hear. Are you using an Edwardian computer?


Will it be the appropriate one though? When I first heard rumours a few years ago I assumed it’d be low end. Some more recent rumours have suggested an A.R.M. MacBook Pro. I wonder.